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Is a trademark of Compañía Española de Ultrasonidos S.A.


Company founded in 1984.

The 25 years of experience we have in the field of ultrasound professionals, we have developed the most advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling and efficient market.

Our R & D department is dedicated to ultrasonic products.

We are the only Spanish company with proprietary technology for the design and manufacture of ultrasound professionals.

Our industrial machines are mainly used for plastic welding, cutting and welding of tissue, cutting food, insertion of metal parts in plastic, etc.

Since our inception, we have always used the latest technology in our developments, in fact and in 1990 began to incorporate microprocessors in our ultrasonic generators and there were still five years for the appearance of Windows 95 endearing.

Industrial equipment used in power from 100W to 3000W and working frequencies ranging from 20kHz to 40kHz.

Antifouling Ceus generators PRO Series have an average power of 25W and the working frequency is 20kHz to 50kHz.

All our products are entirely manufactured in our facilities, from the electronic circuits that are assembled and tested in our electronics department, until the pieces of titanium, steel or aluminum that are manufactured in our mechanical workshop.

The trust placed in us our clients over the years, motivates us to continue developing and manufacturing new products with the best quality / price.


You can contact us via email at

Compañia Española de Ultrasonidos, SA 
C/ Carles Mercader, 9
08960 Sant Just Desvern
Barcelona (SPAIN)