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About Antifouling Ultrasónico

The Problem

The snails, algae and other microorganisms grow on any object that is in contact with water.
They are found in rocks, anchor ropes, etc. and also of course in the hull of a vessel that is not protected.
Applying antifouling paint, handle it provisionally, since each season requires us to remove the boat from the water, proceed to remove debris and repainting.
Since the paintings were removed from the most polluting products containing, we have found that the duration of protection has been greatly reduced.
Anyway, if we sand painting that complies with current regulations without adequate personal protection, we find that it is not as harmless as it seems.
Most of the paintings are autopulimentables, which means that they gradually diluting water in our oceans or rivers, pollution degree or it generates.
The development of the ultrasonic technique to prevent the fouling, has finally put aside the problems of painting and be kinder to the environment.

The technical solution

In the multiple trials, we have found that applying ultrasound to the hulls of ships to certain ultrasonic frequencies, eliminating the problem of scale.
This is because microorganisms can not develop in an area that is subjected to ultrasonic signals.
The vibration of ultrasound is adequate to prevent damage at all to any element of the boat nor of course to the marine fauna.
We work with amplitudes of microns (thousandths of a millimeter), however for microscopic life is sufficient to prevent its development.
We have developed several models depending on the length of the sembarcaciones.
A higher surface to cover, placed more transducers for better distribution of ultrasound.


Specially designed for nautical

Specially designed for nautical.


Technology. Incorporates the latest advances in electronics.
Clean. No sanding or painting required.

No maintenance. Unlike paint, does not have to discard each season.
Quick and easy to install. It is not necessary to remove the boat from the water. 

Ecological. No harm at all to the marine fauna. It kills microorganisms simply not allowed to adhere to the hull.

Economic. Quickly pays.  

Harmless and non-toxic products. No harmful substances are released into the water.