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Why CEUS Ultrasonic Antifouling is the best market?

Because ultrasonic CEUS Antifouling is the only which has a microprocessor system capable of automatically adjusting each transducers installed, and depending on the results obtained provide the appropriate signal to each of them by this system separado.Con increase the effectiveness achieved in more than 30%, and reduce energy consumption.

The tests undertaken to verify the effectiveness of the system have been made in our facilities on the Costa Brava on our own boats, so see the results without any external influences.

The materials for the manufacture of the equipment has been carefully chosen to ensure exceptional quality. Examples highlight the ultrasonic generator box is made of polycarbonate (PC) with IP67 protection, all electrical connectors have gold plated contacts and IP68 protection, and that the connection cables are double insulated and specially treated to protect against oxidation, etc.

It is the only market that can work without connecting to the outlet of the jetty or boat battery.
With the solar panel accessory kit (sold separately), we get the full autonomy of the system.
This allows boat owners who have no outlet on the pier, enjoy the CEUS ultrasonic antifouling.